Therapy Dogs: Music to the Hands and the Heart

You’ve said it before yourself, that therapy dogs bring their own sort of music; therapy dogs are music to the hands and hearts of those they touch. And you were right. Remember?

A few weeks ago Alice’s buddy Hannah Bannanah Puddin at Natural Pet Essentials (NPE) in Charlottesville started up the Holiday Pet Food Drive. NPE takes donations of pet food for the dogs and cats at Ring Dog Rescue and Caring for Creatures.

alice n guitar case

Here at SongSharing we were busy building awareness for the website and our continuing efforts to Make Music More Accessible ™, and so Alice, who is wise beyond her ears, comes to me with this brilliant idea…

Let’s do a win-win thing with Hannah Bannanah, dad.

“What did you have in mind, Alice?”

Let’s donate $1 per LIKE that they bring to our SongSharing facebook page.

“That sounds easy enough. You think we’ll be able to raise much money, though?”

Yup! Especially if we offer to double it to $2 per like if they get us 100.

“I like it, but we have to keep the budget in mind, Alice.”

I know. So we put a lid on the ol’ cookie jar, so to speak. We can cap it at $200. That’s an awful lot of kibble for the hungry pups, and all her people have to do is visit our page and click a button. What could be easier? She was right, but I did have one reservation.

“The thing is, Alice, Natural Pet does pet related stuff. We do music related stuff. How do they tie in? People like to be able to make a connection when it comes to this sort of thing. What interest would pet lovers have in an organization focused on Making Music More Accessible?” There may not be any dumb questions, but I was about to be schooled.

Excuse me? Who hangs out in the guitar case at Community Venues? Who greets everyone after the shows? Who’s the most adorable part of the act?

“Guitar case? You. Greeter? You.” I grinned. “But most adorable, that would be…”

Soft grrrr…. Don’t even try it, dad. You’ve said it before yourself, that therapy dogs bring their own sort of music; therapy dogs are music to the hands and hearts of those they touch. And you were right. Remember?

It had slipped my mind. I did say that.

SongSharing was founded in 1994, and Alice joined in 2006, not long after we rescued each other. It was clear from her first concert that she elevated the impact. Months later, when we were writing songs for It’s Time That Time Was Overthrown, I said that.

That’s your tie-in, dad. Wise… wise beyond her ears. I handed her a cookie.

And we’ve got another way to help with our music, dad, if we get 100 LIKES.


We’ll donate some copies of It’s Time That Time Was Overthrown, since my picture is in there, and that story about the day that Arlo and Quincy and all those marvelous MadCo Agility people drove down to Horizon House and put on that big agility demo! It’s a perfect tie-in, and Hannah Bannanah can offer them up to help bring in some more donations.

God, I love this dog.

You talk about music to the hands and hearts… They still talk about that day, and it was… how does that work? Dog years and people years? It was like 49 years ago or something, for me.

“Yes, exactly. Seven people years ago. 2007, in the summer. They do still talk about it.”

And then our friends from Horizon House came to the Misty Mountain MadCo wedding, and folks from the Cedars. And this fall the MadCo people put on a demo at The Cedars. It all ties in, Dad. It’s all music, the dogs and everything.

Yesterday we dropped by NPE with ten copies of It’s Time That Time Was Overthrown and left them with Miss Hannah. We’re not sure what she has in mind, but we hope it will inspire some folks to donate to the Holiday Pet Food Drive. Ten warm-hearted souls will get a copy for themselves, or perhaps they can give it as a gift to someone special in their lives this holiday season.


Here’s a link to some songs from It’s Time That Time Was Overthrown – any of the songs with the image below are from the cd, which features ten songs that Alice and I co-wrote. It also includes cover versions of REM’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It and Dolly Parton’s Jolene – both REM and Dolly have shown their support for SongSharing over the years. gregallenmusic2

And if you want to help feed some wonderful dogs who did nothing to deserve the fate that has become them, then please stop by or contact Natural Pet Essentials right away and make a donation. Hannah will let you know what the deal is if you want a cd. Thank you for helping us all close out 2014 and ring in the New Year with a woof and a song!

Natural Pet Essentials is located at 3440 Seminole Trail – Suite 105/106, in Charlottesville. Their phone number is 434-979-9779. Ask for Hannah Bannanah Puddin.

npe 2014 donation

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