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Profitable Professional Pet Therapist Opportunities


Time is what keeps humans from experiencing their entire lives as the old people they already are.

~ Alice the therapy min-pin



Just came from a local skilled nursing facility.  The only local contemporary musician who regularly entertains them is me. Been pretty much that way since 1995.

Today I learned that the only person who brings a dog to visit is also me. Alice just says “Hi” to a fraction of the residents, and this is just one Community Venue ™. There’s such a need, so easily addressed. It breaks my heart.

This is a huge opportunity for anyone who would like to earn income from professional pet therapy, and for a team of forward-thinking businesspeople that would like to make themselves more visible and accessible to the Access Limited demographic and their sizable circles of influence!!!! Hello-o-o-o!!! There’s value in making things accessible.  Hello-o-o-o!!!

I know Americans have trouble regarding our Access Limited relatives and neighbors as equals in the pursuit of happiness, but they are. So target them, with equal entrepreneurial vigor.

Because frankly it is stupid to suggest that I or anyone provide critical therapeutic value to the American marketplace for a pat on the back when music and dog therapy has the power to diminish the need for drugs and doctors.  Y’all go ahead with that line of thought, but I’m a compassionate businessman.

And I have to wonder what is appealing about growing old into a discriminatory social paradigm that threatens to take music and dogs away when we will need them most?

Is everyone else really comfortable throwing their hands up in mock helplessness?

The need is so obvious, the answer so simple, sensible, lucrative, rewarding, timely, fun. Where is everyone? What do we think time is for?

Damn. I’m going to go mow the lawn now, and cry.

Then I’ll pitch some more articles, because if just one person gets it, and acts…

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